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Fancy is from a long line of fabulous horses and - just like his name suggests - he is a very fancy horse. But don't let his looks fool you, Fancy is a goofball when it comes to the youth at New Directions. He works primarily with younger kids, but adores them all. He often sticks out his tongue and makes faces with them.

Born: 1998

Breed: Arabian Saddlebred Cross


Forest is a gentle giant and is great with the youth at New Directions. You might think that with his size he'd have an endless supply of courage, but when Forest is feeling timid, this Belgian Draft Cross will hide behind staff.

Born: 2000

Breed: Belgian Draft Cross


A retired celebrity, Clyde used to shine as a constant addition to the local parades and events. A little bit older, but with years yet to come (donkeys can live 30+ years), he still brings joy to those around him despite always being on a diet. The youth love it when he voices his opinions and he is known as a great judge of character.

Born: 2001

Breed: Miniature Donkey


Steele is the empath of the group. He is very sweet to the youth at New Directions and, as the most sensitive of the horses, is usually the first one to notice when there is something wrong. If someone is having a rough day, Steele knows. Even visiting kids adore him. 

Born: 2005

Breed: Tennessee Walker and Appaloosa


Flynn is a retired 4 H horse. He loves to be groomed and has a bold personality. His personality may be why he was able to become best friends with ‘the Dragon’ in the barn. He is a great horse who is perfect for helping older kids learn and grow as equestrians.

Born: 2006

Breed: Paint Horse


Mabel is not your typical mare. She gets along with everyone and was quickly accepted into ‘the Squad’. ‘The Squad’ - Fancy, Forest, Clyde, and Steele - have had over ten years of friendship together and they often hang out together when outside. However, you won’t always immediately see Mabel when you look for her outside. She’s not lost, she’s just belly-deep in the pond! She LOVES to wade in the water! 

Born: 2011

Breed: Standardbred Cross


Beware when you enter the barn! You might hear ‘the Dragon’ ready to feast - on hay! 

Noisy when she is excited for a meal and one of the largest horses in the barn, Charlotte has been nicknamed ‘the Dragon’. However, despite the intimidating noises and her impressive height, she is an incredibly sweet and friendly horse. She loves the kids more than anyone else and enjoys hanging out with her best friend, Flynn.

Born: 2013

Breed: Percheron Cross


Her name may be Pearl, but she is a diamond in the rough. Pearl is hard to miss when you visit the barn. Aside from looking like she stepped out of a fairytale book, she is outstandingly friendly. Pearl will happily stick out her head to greet anyone and everyone who happens to visit and, despite being one of the biggest horses, she will eagerly pose for any picture she can be a part of!

Born: 2013

Breed: Purebred Percheron


Meet the Barn Bunch!

Equestrian Program

Why do we have an Equestrian Program?

New Directions’ Equestrian Program is a much-loved and highly impactful program! Through horse-based activities kids gain confidence, build trust and learn to form healthy boundaries. Learning to interact and take care of a horse with guidance from qualified staff helps kids gain self-control, physical strength and coordination, confidence and empathy needed for authentic connections with others. 


Born: 2014

Breed: Cat

Wednesday is a playful cat who loves the kids and will express such by presenting various gifts she’s obtained through her skills as a mouser. Very vocal about expressing her opinions, staff are not allowed to eat lunch without her.


Born: 2019

Breed: Cat

Roper has been at New Directions since he was a kitten. Although he is also very playful and a skilled mouser, Roper stands out as a big cuddle-bug. He is very affectionate and does not hesitate to hop up on someone’s lap to snuggle.


Born: 2019

Breed: Cat

Roper’s brother, Cinch, has made a grand return to the Equestrian Program after a life of adventure. Since his return, he has certainly made his presence known. He's a very independent cat and very outspoken. He has a wide range of opinions including, but not limited to: what time he believes dinner should be, whose office is the best to sleep in (at that time), and which kid will be granted the high honor of holding him.

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