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Spooky Stories of Wyndham Lawn

In the spirit of “Spooky Season”, check out these Staff Stories from the Mid-1980s thru the Early 1990s recorded in a journal:

1987 11:30 PM – 12:00 AM A staff member was doing rounds when they witnessed a small child run into the dining room. Staff followed, but no child was there. Staff in the nearby unit heard and saw nothing – reported no children were missing from unit.

1987 2:00 AM Staff walking the building heard footsteps and stopped to look. The staff didn’t see anything but in their mind visualized a Revolutionary British soldier.

1987 Staff heard piano playing, walked into the living room and witnessed a woman sitting at the piano playing a tune. The woman faded away as the staff approached closer.

December 1988 Staff heard a door open and close, footsteps followed. When he went to look, no one was there.

January 1989 Staff saw an image out of the corner of their eye walking into the dining room of someone dressed in dark blue. At first the staff thought it was a coworker, but as she approached the person disappeared.

June 1989 Staff heard footsteps in the living room, but no one was there when he went to inspect.

August 1989 3:30 AM Quad night worker saw an image of a female face coming down the stairs at her as she walked up to check the children. The face faded as it came closer to her.

August 1991 1:00 AM A night security worker was sitting at a table in the main administration office. He was looking at a notebook, worrying about spilling his soda on it. As he was looking at the soda can, the can slid 5 inches slowly towards the notebook. The table was completely level.

If you’re interested in more spooky stories, there was a book inspired about the spooky happenings of Wyndham Lawn titled “Mystery Up the Winding Stair” by Helen Fuller Orton!

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