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November Staff Spotlight Part 2

Denise Nickerson – Wayne A. Secord Therapeutic Preschool – Teacher’s Aide

Denise has been shaping the futures of children for many years. It is a life-long passion for her! When she first started working at New Directions in 2015, Denise was an aide for the 2nd Grade class in the H.G. Lewis Campus School, but need arose for assistance at the then-new Preschool. Always looking for a chance to foster brighter futures and wanting to help with the younger children, Denise made the transition to aide in the Pre-K classroom. Her background in helping kids learn and grow goes back quite a bit further, however.

While her husband was in the Navy, Denise trained through the Department of Defense School system in Japan, where he was stationed. She then went on to work through the CDA credentialing program as an aide for children at Niagara County Head Start for 17 years. Because of her extensive experience, Denise is always on the ball and ready to help the Pre-K teacher at a moment’s notice as they both guide the children through fun and enriching activities.

Making a difference in the lives of children is most rewarding for Denise. She loves to see the little ones smile. In her spare time, Denise enjoys spending time with her husband of more than 32 years (Congratulations!), and her two boys. Her favorite activities include camping, cycling and gardening. Thank you, Denise, for all the guidance and care that you show our little ones!


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