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March Staff Spotlights – Celebrating Social Work Month!

Maria Fabrizio – Licensed Behavioral Health Practitioner, Wyndham Lawn Residential

Maria began working for New Directions in 2013 when she joined the Wyndham Lawn team as a full-time Youth Counselor. Prior to this, she had obtained a bachelor’s degree with a dual major in Criminal Justice and Communications, from Canisius College. During her first few years at New Directions, Maria pursued her Master’s in Social Work from SUNY University at Buffalo.

After receiving her degree, Maria became the Residential Social Worker at Grigg Cottage. At that time, there was a Residential Social Worker in each building who was responsible for both the case management and clinical counseling. In 2019, the model shifted, bringing in case manager and Maria assumed the responsibility of clinical counseling for both residential cottages, as a Licensed Behavioral Health Practitioner.

In any of her roles Maria’s goal is to empower youth and families to be motivated and solution-focused. In doing so, she hopes clients gain insight about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with each other and within themselves and then to translate that insight into positive habits everyday.

Maria has been fortunate to have supervisors who are supportive of her strong sense of advocacy and helped her channel it effectively. She has also been fortunate to work alongside goal-oriented colleagues who have a strong sense of teamwork and support of each other. Maria is tenacious, knowledgeable, and compassionate. In her free time, Maria enjoys seeing family, reading and cooking.

Sue Moran – Clinical Social Worker, Randolph Residential Sue began working for New Directions on the Randolph Campus in 2002. At that time, social workers held full case responsibilities. Now, there is a team approach that includes a clinician, a case manager, a permanency worker, and a court liaison.

Sue earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from SUNY at Buffalo. Sue is compassionate, organized and self-directed. She appreciates the team collaboration and peer feedback.

Through her work with each child and their family, Sue hopes that she can help their experience within the system to be a positive one at such a vulnerable point in their lives.

Sue is a very active person and in her free time she enjoys golf and yoga as well as spending time with family and friends. Sue also writes adoption home studies for the private sector.

This March, we would also like to highlight Sue Moran and Maria Fabrizio, two of our social workers, for all the great things they have done for the agency and our families!

Thank you both for fostering good!


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