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June Staff Spotlight!

Christine Butcher, Southern Tier Care Manager Supervisor

Children’s Health Home Care Management Program

Are you missing baseball season? So is Chrissy Butcher! Chrissy’s love for baseball stems back to childhood when she watched minor league baseball in Jamestown. She then worked at Jamestown’s stadium and watched several players move up to the major leagues. Chrissy joined New Directions in 1999, working on the Randolph Residential Campus then as the program coordinator for Chautauqua House Agency Operated Boarding Home.

Chrissy joined the Health Home Care Management team when it started in 2016.  As Care Manager Supervisor, Chrissy leads a team of 6 care managers while continuing to work directly with families. Chrissy is proud to work with her dedicated Care Managers. She enjoys helping kids recognize their own potential and seeing them succeed. Chrissy enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and sports.

“I have met and worked with some incredible people at New Directions who have helped shape who I am today!” – Chrissy Butcher

Thank you for being so dedicated to our children and families!

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