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January Employee Spotlight

Prachee Samant – Health Homes Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Prachee is a positive and goal-directed individual who has been working out of our Harlem Road Office since July of 2016. She began in the role of WRAP Care Coordinator, and one year later, she moved onto the position of Health Homes Care Manager. Now, Prachee works as a Health Homes outreach and engagement specialist, a position that was created about one year ago.

Originally hailing from India, Prachee followed her passion for the field of Psychology, and after completing her undergraduate degree, moved to the United States. She then went on to study at Duquesne University in Pittsburg, PA, to obtain her master’s degree in community counseling. After completing her education, Prachee moved to Fort Wayne, IN and worked in a mental health treatment center working with kids referred by Child Protective Services. She began as a care manager and then became a therapist. For 15 years, Prachee worked in the Home-Based Services Department, providing each child with the specific care they needed in a comfortable setting. In her current role, Prachee recommends Health Homes services to families that would be a good fit in our program. She advocates for New Directions to outside community partners. This way, it is easier for the agency to have families that require at-home counseling referred directly to us.

Prachee describes herself as an opinionated and outspoken person who will fight for what is right for kids and families. She loves her Health Homes team like a second family and is grateful for the open and friendly work environment that is provided by the agency. Prachee is dedicated to her goals and always keeps a positive outlook. Evidence of this is shown by how well she has grown into her newly created position. She has evolved her role from the ground up and thrived in a changing environment.

Prachee, Thank You for Fostering Good!


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