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August Staff Spotlight

Lynda France – Human Resources Assistant / Hiring Coordinator

The Staff Spotlight would like to recognize a vital member of the Human Resources Department, Lynda France! Lynda has been working at the Randolph Campus since 2003, starting as a part- time HR Assistant, but soon moving to full-time after picking up a part-time Health Services Secretary role as well. She is an alumnus of both Jamestown Community College as well as Jamestown Business College, gaining an Associates in Computer Technology and an Office Administration Diploma from each respectively.

Lynda handles much of the hiring process down at Randolph, including advertising positions and running background checks on new hires. She makes sure that each perspective employee is a good fit for the organization and that all open roles continue to be filled. She also assists HR Manager Nanette whenever she needs help. Lynda loves that she is able to help applicants find the career-path they’ve been searching for, all the while getting them through the process quickly so that they can start as soon as possible and making sure they understand their benefits. She is grateful for her boss Nanette, along with the rest of her trusty HR team. In her free time, Lynda enjoys spoiling her children and granddaughter, and spending time in the great outdoors kayaking and gardening.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in on a daily basis, Lynda!


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