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Adoption – It’s always worth the wait!

Adoption day is a long awaited and exciting day. We know because we had already adopted two boys when we received the date, March 2020, to adopt our two girls. After waiting a year and a half since surrender, we were ecstatic and relieved to have a set day before COVID-19 lock-downs began. We figured we had gotten lucky.

A week before the girls were set to be adopted, our adoption was postponed indefinitely. Adoptions were considered last priority at family court. Our hearts were broken, thinking that we would need to wait longer, and our anxiety was through the roof. What if this went on another year? Would this mean the girls would need all new paperwork? Would we ever get to have a normal adoption?

Well, nothing in 2020 is normal. After waiting two months we received a call from our lawyer asking if we wanted to adopt the girls virtually. We were torn at first. A virtual adoption meant no family, no friends, and no workers at the courthouse. It meant no photos with our judge, no fun get together after. Despite these things we decided that all we really cared about was closing their case once and for all.

So, we chose not to wait. We got our family of seven all dressed up in our “Gotcha Day” clothes, set up our iPad, and adopted our girls via Skype. The process was 10 minutes at most, and after we ordered pizza and chose to see the best in a not-so-traditional adoption.

During the stress, anxious nerves, and uncertainty our staff at New Directions really anchored us down. Hanna & Janett went above and beyond to help us feel supported. They sat with us through the good, the bad, the tears, and the celebrations.

We hope to show others that during this time it is more important than ever to work together. We are all navigating this week-to-week…sometimes day-to-day. There isn’t always a right answer to many of the questions Covid has raised. At the end of the day, the main thing that matters is the safety of the children in our care and the love we extend to one another. If you’re waiting for your adoption day, hang in there. It’s always worth the wait.

-A New Directions Foster and Adoptive Mother

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