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November Staff Spotlight – Todd Nugent’s 25 Year Milestone

Todd Nugent – Senior Support Specialist, Randolph Residential

This month, we will be spotlighting Todd Nugent for his milestone service achievement!

Todd began working for New Directions in August of 1996. That’s 25 years of service! Congrats, Todd!

Todd attended college at SUNY Brockport and earned a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. He started out his career as a Youth Counselor on Unit 6. He was then promoted to Assistant Supervisor (renamed Senior Support Specialist) on Maple Suite. Todd has consistently stayed with the younger, more behaviorally “challenging” youth since Day 1. He is especially gifted in working patiently and connecting with young kids.

Todd works directly with children on a day-to-day basis. He builds relationships and teaches them positive ways to express themselves when upset and frustrated. He helps in preparing kids to either go back to their families or to move on to a lower level of care, such as foster care or adoption.  That is what means the most – seeing kids return to their families or to get a family of their own and leave residential placement. Todd is also a fun individual to be around, and his coworkers always have fun when he is working.

Todd’s favorite part of working at New Directions is watching the kids grow and watching them be able to be kids. It is always rewarding seeing them play and use their imaginations and build relationships with other children.

Todd is kind, supportive, funny, empathetic of others, and would do anything for anyone. Todd enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, traveling, and enjoying life with his wife Jamie (in the photo above) and their dog/fur kid Reggie! Fun fact: Todd is afraid of heights but built up enough courage to go on a hot air balloon ride last year!  Also, some people think he is quiet. According to Dawn Skinner, “Let’s just say he is quiet at times, but there is a fun and crazy side to Todd that people love and so do the kids”.

Thank you, Todd, for your constant dedication to the kids in your care and to New Directions!

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