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Meet Foster Mom, Kimberly!

Say Hi to Foster Mom, Kimberly! Kim has been fostering with New Directions for just over a year.

Working in the child welfare system for nearly 20 years, she always wanted a family of her own. She initially explored IVF, but when that wasn’t going to work out, it led her to the decision to foster. Kim absolutely loves children, and combined with her work experience, she thought this was the best fit for her. She also loves giving back to the community and providing children a safe and stable place, and eventually permanency.

Kim is currently fostering one child, bringing him home from the hospital when he was only two weeks old. They just celebrated his first birthday!

Kim’s favorite thing about fostering is the joy that it brings to her life. Every

day is a different, watching him grow and learn new things. Her favorite part of the day is picking him up from daycare after a long day and seeing his smiles and excitement to see her.

It’s essential to Kim to provide a safe, loving, nurturing home for children, and

 helping them learn, grow and develop, whether it’s temporary or permanent.

There have been so many meaningful moments throughout Kim’s fostering journey. One of the more recent moments she shared with us was when her foster son started to walk with the assistance of his toys. “I literally cried and was so happy and excited to see him reach another milestone.”

Thank you Kim, and all foster parents for the incredible work you do and the impact you have on the children in your care!

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