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Laurie Hurd – Celebrating 25 Years!


For our first Staff Spotlight of February 2022, we’d like to send a big thank you to Laurie Hurd for her outstanding efforts to keep our employees safe!

Laurie has been crucial to making the agency run smoothly and safely during the pandemic. She is the Health Coordinator for New Directions. You may have spoken with her if you’ve been out of work sick recently. She does health screenings and makes sure everyone is well before returning to the workplace, which has been an important and busy job in the past few years!

Laurie graduated from Jamestown Business College with an associate degree. She began working for the agency in September of 1997. She initially worked in Health Services as the Medical Billing Representative for our youth until 2017, when she made the decision to switch over to Human Resources and work with the employee side of New Directions.

Laurie completes disability, Paid Family Leave, and Workers Compensation benefits for employees. She works with medical providers to ensure that employees are able to return to work quickly and safely. During the Covid-19 pandemic, New Directions employees are dealing with health concerns and stress. Laurie wants everyone to know that she is here to answer any of your questions or find out those answers for you while being sensitive to what you are enduring.

Laurie’s favorite aspect of her job is her co-workers. She can go to any one of them in any department and they are always willing to help out. They are a great support system and great friends. Laurie is jovial and everybody knows her loud and smile-inducing laughter around the Randolph Campus. Laurie said she lives up to her last name – “I am hurd!” In her spare time, Laurie enjoys camping, traveling, and spending time with her children and grandchildren. Laurie describes herself as resilient; “life has taught me that.”

Thank you, Laurie, for keeping us safe and for caring about everyone’s well-being during these difficult times!

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