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Maintaining Family Ties

During this month, you can help provide meaningful and life-long memories for children and families in the foster care system. Through family trips to museums and parks, a precious present for a special day, or something as simple as stopping to get ice cream, you can help families maintain and strengthen the connections with their children in foster care. These bonds are essential and the memories they are able to create with your support will help families as they navigate the path to reunification. 

To help us maintain family ties for children in foster care, make a donation through the form below. You can also read about the impact that your gift can have through the stories at the end of the page.

May is Foster Care Month

Jordan has been in the foster care system for 2 1/2 years. He loves detective books and solving puzzles. Last week, Jordan’s mom surprised him with Clue the board game for his birthday! They spent a few hours together playing and solving mysteries along with his case worker. Jordan had a blast and said it was his favorite birthday yet!

Sage and Dakota, 5-year-old twins in foster care, went to Explore and More in Buffalo a few weeks ago with their dad and their case worker. They had a blast exploring all of the exhibits and discovering more about themselves and their community! Although they have different opinions on a lot of things, they agreed that it was a good time and the top three exhibits were Farm to Fork, Lighting Buffalo’s Imagination, and Moving Water.

Elodie has been in the foster care system since she was 7-months old.  She is very sweet and a little shy. In April, Elodie’s dad played with her outside until it started to rain. Although the storm was a little scary, Elodie was able to stay brave with the help of her case worker and her beloved teddy bear – a gift from her dad for her 1st birthday.

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