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About Us

Our Mission

New Directions' mission is to foster resilient, self-reliant families and permanence for at-risk children in the shortest time possible, by promotion safe, respectful, responsible and goal-directed behavior.

Enduring Service

New View Alliance / New Directions Youth & Family Services Agency
Board of Directors

Anthony Montagna, Chair

Independent Health

Michael Ervin, Vice Chair

Freed Maxick

Edward L. Arcara, Treasurer

Certified Public Accountant

John Camardo, Secretary

The Chapel at CrossPoint

Peter Casilio

PAT Construction Management Corp.

Kevin Clark

Retired, Lockport City School District

Roy H. Cunningham, Esq.


Liz Kahn

People, Inc.

Nancy Kasprzak-Whitmore

Retired, Niagara County FCU

Karen Lazik

People, Inc.

Tracy Meyer


Joshua Pennel

Erie County

Agency Administration

New Directions

Youth and Family Services

New View Alliance

Confidentiality & Privacy


New Directions takes the protection of confidential information very seriously. Likewise, the reporting of fraud or other unethical behavior is also a primary concern. The documents below outline our policies on these subjects and provide guidance to anyone with knowledge of illegal or unethical behavior on the part of the agency, it’s staff or our vendors.​

New View Alliance Corporate Compliance Plan

New View Alliance - Compliance Program Policy and Procedure Manual

James W. Coder

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Angelone

Chief Operating Officer - Child Welfare Programs

Sarah Taylor

Chief Operating Officer - Community Programs

Alicia Wieczorek
Chief Clinical Officer

Leslie Disbro

Development Director

Daniel LoCicero

Vice President - Human Resources

Sara Oche

Vice President - Corporate Integrity

Patricia O'Connor

Vice President - Finance

Dr. L.W. Perry

CIO, VP Facilities/Equestrian

Karl Wiggins

Vice President - Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI), Strategy and Innovation

New Directions Youth & Family Services Foundation

Board of Directors

Trusted Service


New View Alliance is the parent company of New Directions Youth & Family Services, Inc., and Gateway-Longview, Inc., providing both agencies with strategic planning, advocacy, and shared administrative support for finance, human resources, information technology, corporate integrity and DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice).

New Directions' heritage dates back more than 150 years with a proven record of responding to the ever-changing needs of the families we serve. New Directions was formed in 1999 by the merger of Wyndham Lawn Home for Children and Randolph Children's Home, who began caring for children in 1871 and 1878, respectively. Today, New Directions offers more than 20 programs from those two campuses and eight additional locations across Western New York. Each year, we serve more than 2,500 children and their families.

Our philosophy of care is based on the following beliefs:

  • Safety

        Everyone has the right to feel safe, both physically and psychologically, within a diverse and respectful culture.​

  • Respect

We must treat all people with respect and consideration, including ourselves!​

  • Responsibility

Each of us must accept our shared responsibility for our community, and take accountability for our thoughts, words and actions.​

  • Goal-Directed Behavior

Each of us has a responsibility for setting realistic, positive goals for ourselves, and to build the skills needed to reach these goals.​

Edward L. Arcara, President

David G. Messinger, Secretary

Arthur E. Jackson, Jr.

R. Thomas Weeks

Nancy Kasprzak-Whitmore, Vice President

John G. Sellstrom, Treasurer

Thomas A. Sy

Michael R. Wimer

Our agency is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, operates Qualified Residential Treatment Programs and Article 29I clinics, and has fully implemented the standards of the Family First Prevention Services Act.

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